2021-2022 Award Recipient

2021-2022 Endless Possibilities Award Recipient

Melanie is the devoted mother to a teenage daughter and plans to become a public health administrator. Her desire is to educate local communities on access to health care resources. Melanie’s passion to help others, stand out, and make a difference in this world is undeniable.

Melanie Motivates:

I’ve faced many hardships in life from not knowing where a meal would come from at times to not knowing how the next bill would be paid. However, despite being a young mother at 17 years of age, my love for learning and helping others outweighed the negatives. The drive to be better and want better helped me persevere, pushing me in the right direction.

I have overcome extreme adversity, from becoming a widow at 26 years old, to raising my daughter on my own and continuing school. Looking back on my life and the struggles I have endured I would not change one thing. I know that I had to work twice as hard to achieve the things that have molded me into the person that I am today.

I show up, I do the work and use every school resource available to me to be successful. Continuing my education means everything to me!

I exemplify the attributes of Women of 4D because I’m deliberate about my actions and choices regarding the betterment of myself and my future. I’m determined to complete my education to show myself, my daughter, and many little girls behind me that you can do anything you put your mind and heart to if you just believe. I am devoted to helping others and being successful. I understand that doing requires much discipline and consistency which will play a role in my everyday life as a healthcare administrator.