Booked Up

Women of 4D has been blessed with an amazing network of female authors. These women have found purpose in their experiences and their books have created strong communities. Join us as we support and celebrate their gifts!

Uncovering Your Power: The Guidebook to Escaping Emotional and Physical Abuse, offers compassion and advice to readers who may have experienced trauma within romantic relationships. She draws from her own experiences with abuse to connect with survivors, victims and the families of those who may have suffered from these experiences.

This book of short stories, Faith Walk, focuses on how real people had faith to accomplish specific goals when they faced challenges, pitfalls, and utter defeat at times. This is a book about the power of trusting that God would never leave or forsake us, especially in the time of trouble. We must keep trusting, keep believing, never giving up on our goals and dreams. We must keep the faith!

Taking Care of Miss Bee Bee is designed to help the reader cope with their own challenges in taking care of someone who no longer can do it for herself. From dressing to traveling to shopping. In a charming, witty fashion, the author describes exactly what you as a caregiver need to learn to do and how to keep yourself from either going insane or perhaps going to jail based on her experience.